Cask No. A4.2

Fresh as a daisy

Bas Armagnac

An enticing nose began confidently with boiled lemon sweets and sweet boozy butterscotch. Then, heady floral scents in the form of lavender and eucalyptus gave way to effervescent orange juice and a freshly polished mahogany table. The anticipation was palpable. To taste, lemon drizzle cake to start followed by deeper notes of golden syrup, thick cut marmalade, a solvent pear drop note and fine spice and tannins in the finish. A splash of water (the addition of which is not traditional with Armagnac) brings Turkish delight, watermelon, quince jelly and almond butter to the nose. The palate, now “fresh as a daisy” transported us to a sunny garden in full bloom before deepening to orange oil and a lingering dark chocolate bitterness. From the Folle Blanche grape.

Classification: Vintage 2005
Region: Bas Armagnac
Cask Type: Armagnac barrel
Grape Variety: Folle Blanche
ABV: 51.0%
USA Allocation: 60 bottles

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