Cask No. 9.191 

Granny’s kitchen on baking day

Speyside, Spey

A comforting dram that ushered us into Granny’s kitchen on baking day – chopped hazelnuts, chocolate, orange, treacle scones and banana bread, honeyed tea cakes and a drop of vanilla essence into the bubbling tablet pot. The palate was richly honeyed, with initial silky smoothness and then a pleasing prickle effect towards the finish with tart nectarines, ginger loaf and cloves. The reduced nose had fragrant pink peppercorns and pressed flowers, glacé cherries, brown sugar, vanilla ice-cream and gradually more and more citrus. The palate developed rounded, mouth-coating loveliness and buttery goodness, with enticing tropical fruits (quince jelly, apricot Danish, dried papaya, peach cobbler). 

Cask: First-barrel
Age: 17 years
Date distilled: September 2003
Alcohol: 55.4%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

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