Cask No. 9.187 

Transcending realms

Speyside, Spey

Soft fruits swirled around dried banana, mango and dragon fruit as a little limey zing summoned peppermint, cloves and cardamom pods. Flavours transcended the conscious realms as heather blossom and agave syrup joined fragrant Indian spices over charred pineapple and mango coulis. Water brought us to a place of inner content with an abundance of juicy fruit, marshmallows and lemon meringue pie. Vanilla slices joined soft buttery notes and strawberry milkshake as ripe melon brought a sense of mellow around perfumed sandalwood, cinnamon and toffee. Divine flavours of honey and fudge lasted well onto the finish as this gentle nature demanded careful use of water.

Cask: First-fill barrel 
Age: 16 years
Date distilled: September 2003
Alcohol: 53.3%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

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