Spicy & dry

Cask No. 44.93  

Tipple of the bramble hunter

Speyside, Spey

The intrepid bramble hunter, garnished with thick lambswool knitted jumper, wax jacket and leather boots, set forth into the wild countryside in search of blackberries and loganberries with which to make jam. Earthy aromas were plentiful as they kicked through autumn leaves on the damp forest floor whilst happily munching on a crisp red apple. Stopping to take a sip of dandelion and burdock (similar to root beer) they spotted the first bramble bush in the dense hedgerow with its fortress of thick twigs and armour-piercing thorns. Quickly the bramble hunter seized their chance to plunder the unsuspecting hedge and bundled their bounty into a hessian bag to carry home and enjoy a well-earned glass of viognier white wine and a chunk of sticky toffee.

Cask: Re-charred hogshead
Age: 11 years
Date distilled: October 2006
Alcohol: 63.2%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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