Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

Cask No. 30.96   

Bloody Mary on a dressing table

Speyside, Spey

‘Gentle’ and ‘Mellow’ whispered our panellists, sniffing mango, peach and honeydew melon, lemon puffs, fruit-cake, vanilla sponge and banana bread; sherry and dried apricots gave cask clues. The palate was tasty, warming and complex – caramel wafer, muscovado, walnut cake and dark chocolate soufflé against charcuterie, woody tannins and burnt paper. The reduced nose gave one panellist a ‘boozy chocolate fondue’ (dipping sponge fingers, bananas and grapes); another got a celery stick bloody Mary on a lady’s dressing table. The palate had Jaffa cakes, crème brûlée and nutty chocolate; melon, kiwi, and dried figs, plus hints of roast duck and barbecued steaks.

Cask: Refill hogshead
Age: 20 years
Date distilled: February 1997
Alcohol: 54.9%
USA allocation: 48 bottles

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