Cask No. 16.53                        

Confessions of a barbecue

Highland, Southern

USA Exclusive in celebration of Father's Day 2021

Thick plumes of smoke and engine grease blended with sticky Muscovado sugar caramelising on barbecued pork ribs, bananas and singed pineapple as hints of rum and vanilla embraced liquorice on pencil shavings. Scorched raisins on the palate introduced burning bramble bushes and soot mixed with butter on rye bread and squares of smoked chilli chocolate. More woodiness emerged with water bringing vanilla and creosote along with black olives sprinkled over flamed mackerel. Orange oil coated the mouth as prosciutto and the burnt ends of brisket swirled around cherry jam, malt loaf and enduring clouds of heavy wood smoke.

Cask: Re-charred hogshead
Age: 11 years
Date distilled: December 2009
Alcohol: 61.1%
USA allocation: 262 bottles

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