Cask No. 16.41      

Cosy contentment

Highland, Southern

We huddled around burning logs as heather crackled in the heat and the earth scorched beneath the embers. Sweet smells came from sizzling bacon and honey-glazed ham whilst walnuts and macadamias toasted in a pan over the flames. Then through the smoke came a fruity note of black cherries with a spicy edge of rye bread with honey. A constant suggestion of steam engines heralded puffs of smoke combined with oily rags and old boots but sweetness prevailed with a maple syrup and pecan Danish. A few drops of water delivered nutty notes as tawny port joined walnut bread and later praline. The bacon now had a more salty character that mixed with coal dust and burnt wood that remained onto the finish to be joined by delicious chocolate brownies.

Cask: Re-charred hogshead
Age: 9 years
Date distilled: December 2009
Alcohol: 61.4%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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