Cask No. 115.18   

Barley ballet 

Speyside, Deveron

The initial nose brimmed with pure aniseed liqueur before quickly revealing softer notes of fabrics, linens, chalk, lemon bonbons, rice wine, melon cordial and sweet herbal extracts. Sweeter touches of lemon barley water and icing sugar too. Surprisingly light and almost timeless noted the Panel. With water the nose became more obviously cereal and full of toasted seeds, trail mix, cotton, turmeric, light earthiness, clay and fresh parsley. The mouth opened with sweet cereals and buttermilk icing followed by yellow flowers, golden sultanas, ripe plums, soft ointments, camphor and heather flowers. Water brought out motor oils, bubble-gum, olive oil cake, toasted cereal, cream crackers, milk bottle sweets, notes of bouillon stock, meadowsweet flowers and natural vanilla.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 29 years
Date distilled: February 1991
Alcohol: 47.1%
USA allocation: 48 bottles

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