Cask No. 112.47  

Have some Madeira my dear

Highland, Southern

Very quiet, almost shy at the beginning, but then layer upon layer of deep aromas appeared; spicy molasses-ginger cookies, succulent prunes, rum and raisin truffles, and honey glazed walnuts. On the palate we were transported to the ‘Garden Isle’ – subtropical climate, exotic and colourful flora, volcanic soil and enjoyed the perfect aperitif, a glass of Sercial fortified wine.  A drop of water and sugar roasted almonds, honey roasted peanuts as well as treacle toffee, flapjacks and black Madeira figs. We then tasted the famous Madeira cake now with well-aged Boal Madeira wine, medium rich palate of dried fruits, full bodied and a good balance between the acidity and sweetness.

Cask: Second-fill Madeira hogshead
Age: 11 years
Date distilled: May 2007
Alcohol: 57.1%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

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