Juicy, oak & vanilla

Cask No. 11.39    

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Highland, Northern

Foam bananas in an over-ripe tropical fruit salad. Hints of toasted marshmallow, shredded coconut, lady’s perfume and custard creams. There’s also a lovely rich seam of maltiness running underneath all these fruits. Honey glazed cereals and stewed green apples. Water lifts a sweet earthiness, warm brioche, almond paste and a satisfyingly thick camphor note. On the palate there is an immediate golden syrup note alongside apple sauce, bourbon BBQ glaze, old dessert wines and rhubarb and custard chews. Tropical fruit jelly wobbles in the background. With reduction comes cola cubes, vanilla custard, sour cherries, mint julep and apple chutney.

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 10 years
Date distilled: June 2008
Alcohol: 59.2%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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