Cask No. 53.325                         

When two powerful pearls meet


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Smoky grilled shrimps with Marie Rose sauce, smoked salmon roses and watermelon with prosciutto ham were the starters before we took a sip. The main course was smoked tuna served with Panzanella (Tuscan chopped salad dressed with olive oil and vinegar) which gave it a truly Mediterranean feel. With a drop of water, aromatic peat smoke, rocky shores, sea spray as well as fish boxes and tarry ropes – quintessential Islay! On the palate now, wave after wave of caressing sweet smoke from Hebridean peat-smoked scallops, maybe even with a drizzle of Madeira jus. After six years in an ex-bourbon barrel we transferred this whisky into refill Madeira hogshead.

Cask: Refill Madeira hogshead
Age: 7 years
Date distilled: March 2012
Alcohol: 61.2%
USA allocation: 84 bottles

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