Deep, rich & dried fruits

Cask No. 36.153 

The lightness of Lyne

Speyside, Spey

As expected from this distillery the panel found a light candle wax note to begin. Which developed into furniture polish, ripe pineapple, wet bracken, dried parsley and a slice of custard tart. Curious notes of ripe strawberries with balsamic dressing and pine cones emerged over time. Water brought out more earthy notes in the form of wet leaves and polished leather. Then camphor, fresh sourdough bread and rhubarb crumble. The palate displayed a chewy texture but again a restrained waxiness. Olive oil, fresh butter, shortbread and lemon cake were all noted. As were marmalade, rye bread and black pepper. Water made everything more mineral with herbal aspects, poppy seeds, almond oil and warm oatcakes.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 20 years
Date distilled: August 1997
Alcohol: 60.6%
USA allocation: 72 bottles

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