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This month Society members around the world are embracing the art of the “Hauf’n’Hauf, that is the complimentary pairing of whisky and beer. There’s a wonderful satisfaction to be garnered from savoring the big, robust flavors of cask strength whisky alongside a thirst-quenching beer and as we enter the final stages of summer, we couldn't think of a better time to celebrate the natural synergy that exists between the two. 

Legend has it that the hauf’n’hauf originated in the Tollbooth Bar in Glasgow’s Saltmarket. The owner of the bar, which opened in 1892, noted an interesting practice among his less well-heeled patrons, where groups of men would buy a bowl of ale and a bottle of whisky to share. The enterprising owner hit up the idea of serving the ale and whisky together, in smaller containers..

Learning how to pair your whisky with beer can seem overwhelming at times. After all, there are seemingly endless styles of both whisky and beer to enjoy. How can you know where to start? Fear not our fellow Society members! Here are our recommended whisky & beer pairings based on our own twelve (12) Flavour Profiles and a complimentary style of beer to enjoy alongside each:


Light & Delicate: Pilsner

Waken up your palate with a Light & Delicate dram alongside a refreshing, hoppy pilsner

Suggested Whisky: Cask 54.74 'Sacrebleu!'


Spicy & Dry: Lager

Quench your summer thirst with a lower strength lager paired with the strong aromas of our Spicy & Dry drams

Suggested Whisky: Cask 112.39 'Tractors and old medicine'


Young & Spritely: Wheat Beer

Savour the complementary estery flavours of bananas and pineapples from the wheat beer with a feisty young bourbon-matured dram

 Suggested Whisky: Cask 113.16 'A sweet, spicy and savoury sensation'


Sweet, Fruity & Mellow: Belgian Kriek Lambic

Pair the funky flavours of this fermented lambic brew from Belgium with the full-on fruity notes from this flavour profile

Suggested Whisky: Cask 6.30 'A stealthy luncheon tipple' 


Spicy & Sweet: Pale Ale

Easy-drinking and lightly hopped pale ale is the perfect counterpoint for the whisky’s prickly spiciness

 Suggested Whisky: Cask 7.221 'Hop Scotch' 


Deep, Rich & Dark Fruits: Belgian Saison

A bold pairing of fruity, spicy Belgian saison beer with this deep and indulgent flavour profile

Suggested Whisky: Cask 36.161 'Honey and herbs on ham' 


Old & Dignified: Dunkel

Savour our oldest and most distinguished drams along with a smooth, malty dark German lager, to complement the whisky without overwhelming it

Suggested Whisky: Cask 50.102 'Golden leaves falling on fruitcake' 


Juicy, Oak & Vanilla: India Pale Ale (IPA)

The whisky’s refreshing sweetness brings the best out of a more bitter and hoppy Indian Pale Ale

Suggested Whisky: Cask 46.76 'Fully loaded lemon' 


Oily & Coastal: Citrus Beer

Explore how a sharp citrusy beer cuts through the oily mouthfeel and marine notes from this flavour profile

Suggested Whisky: 'Cocktails on a tugboat'


Lightly Peated: Stout

A deep, rich stout with a creamy head that’s light on the hops allows a Lightly Peated dram to shine

Suggested Whisky: Cask 108.14 'An enjoyable curiosity'


Peated: Porter

Dive into a robust pairing of higher strength dark porter with a good blast of peaty goodness

Suggested Whisky: Cask 29.263 'Exquisitely playful'


Heavily Peated: Heavy Beer

A full-flavoured old school combination with a heavy beer (known as ‘80 shilling’ in Scotland) that’s lighter on the hops and heavier on cereal to stand up to our most heavily peated drams


Got a whisky and beer pairing recommendation you'd like to share? Let's hear it! Give us a call at (646) 844-1154 or drop us an email at