News>The Single Cask Journey Continues


When dealing with single cask, cask strength whisky as we do in the Society, the influence of the cask is especially impactful on the resulting whisky. Single cask, cask strength whisky is the apex of rare and covetable whisky; it’s whisky to be fought over to the last drop, although we hope that it instead brings friends together to share the experience! Our offerings are not rare for the sake of being rare — there’s simply only enough whisky to go around from what a single cask can yield.

Cask strength means purity — unadulterated, natural whisky to be adored for its nuances and bold, sometimes even polarizing, flavor profiles. Once cask strength spirits have been experienced, it’s quickly realized that they’re unlike anything else. Some even find it difficult to return to drinking diluted spirits once you’ve developed a taste for cask strength!

We’ve now applied our single cask specialty to other dark spirits such as rum and cognac.

This is a bold move on our part for sure — introducing new spirits to die hard whisky lovers! But in a lot of ways an expected next step to seize a unique opportunity and bring the rarest other spirits to those in the know that can truly appreciate them. When you think about it, fundamentally what makes whisky, rum, and cognac different are simply their raw materials; from barley, sugarcane to grapes, we can thank the barrel for the resulting spirit, as well as the passionate generations of producers from Scotland to France, the Caribbean and beyond.

Our single cask rum (Cask R10.1) is exquisite — happily reminiscent of banana flambée, delicate and buttery wood, and dried fruits. It’s garnished with Caribbean daydreams of sunsets on white sand beaches, because when you sit in a barrel for 25 years in Trinidad, you get to know your beaches. This is a dessert nightcap for sure, to be enjoyed with shortbread, pound cake or vanilla bean ice cream.

When it came to experiencing our cognac, the range (Casks C3.2, C4.1, C5.1) is phenomenal. It’s an absolute must for entertaining guests at home as within the small range exists distinct and deliberate variety. From lavender, to ripe black cherries, to honeydew and white pepper, our cognac offerings have something for everyone’s palate and are a collector’s dream. Serve these with cheese and charcuterie and you are in for a decadent night done as elegantly as the French would