News>There’s a Whisky for Everyone…

It’s a basic idea: imagine yourself sitting around a fire in wonderful company drinking delightful whisky. Maybe your imagination has taken you to the beach for a bonfire, drinking a whisky with a savory salinity and smoky peat to match the open ocean air.

Perhaps instead you’ve spent the day skiing and are enjoying an oak-filled whisky-après to wind down and warm up, while the kids toast marshmallows. Or maybe the fire you’ve imagined is a candlelit dinner you’ve just sat down to, and are looking for a light whisky to begin the evening… something to pair the oysters with.

All of these occasions call for different whisky pairings. Dependent on the time of day, who you are with, what you’re eating… the whisky can change but if you’re in love with whisky, your enthusiasm remains the same.