News>Wine is to Food... as Whisky is to Food?

Scotch whisky is arguably the fine wine of the world of spirits in that there is a whisky for everyone! Across Scotland's vast landscapes, regions produce distinct traits that vary dramatically, from popping pear and apricot, to smoke and rubber gloves (yum!). Wine and whisky similarly also depend on their wooden mothers for significant influence; what both wine and whisky take from the wood of their casks and barrels, over a given time, will lend significant impact to the final result!

Whisky is also similar to wine in its diverse range when it comes to pairing it with food. The Society's twelve unique flavour profiles help members begin to navigate our single c ask offerings. It's important to choose the best whisky suited to someone's specific palate or the right whisky for an occasion, or time of day.

Here we explore some food pairing suggestions to pique your interest when enjoying our whisky with food! We've made sure to note this month's featured Outturn suggestions.