Cask No. R8.7

The volcanic spirit


Initially sweet, velvety and smooth with plenty of vanilla, rummy raisins, hazelnuts, coffee, bitter orange and that difficult concept of ‘rancio’ well known in old-style armagnac and cognac. The taste neat was not refined whatsoever, just hot, hot, hot like a volcanic eruption and sweet, sweet, sweet like molasses with cooling spearmint freshness in the finish. Nothing a liberal dash of water cannot rectify as the nose was even more multifaceted with a musty, earthy, oiliness, a dusting of cocoa powder and a spicy Madeira cake. The palate was now very different; sweet musky, slightly citric, hints of warm leather and an intriguing bitterness of cacao lingering in the background.

Age: 14 Years
Date Distilled: December 2004
Cask Type: Second-fill barrel
Region: Nicaragua
ABV: 67.5%
USA Allocation: 54 bottles

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