Cask No. R2.11

Goat farms, esters and vinyl funk


An exhilarating nose awaited us – bicycle inner tubes slathered full of mango chutney, Calvados made from browned apples, orange vitamin pills, fermented bandages, sticking plasters harvested from a swimming pool, ancient medicines, cannabis resin, preserved rice juice, tea tree oil and banana-heavy esters. With reduction we found goaty cheesecloth, mechanical lubrications, cherries dipped in dark chocolate, dunder pits, anthracite embers, guava syrup and black olives. Mad yet hugely entertaining. The mouth displayed a massive texture at first sipping. Camphor, sweet rubber, brown sugar laced with natural tar, yeasty cider apples, balsamic-glazed strawberries, ancient madeira and funky butterscotch. With reduction we got rose jelly, limes doused with antiseptic, rhubarb sherbet, medical embrocation mixed with seawater and green olive tapenade and some charred goat meat. Matured in a bourbon barrel for 15 years before transfer to a charred wine cask with toasted heads.

Age: 16 Years
Date Distilled: May 2003
Cask Type: First-fill charred red wine barrique, toasted heads
Region: Guyana
ABV: 59.1%
USA Allocation: 60 bottles

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