Cask No. 95.37          

Adventurous African Safari

Speyside, Lossie

The nose neat immediately made us think of rum and raisin ice cream topped with a fresh raspberry sauce and a crunchy chocolate shell. On the palate the picture of a Savannah grassland fire with jumping antelopes looking for safety emerged with an intense red fruit flavour in the finish. After a drop of water this image moved on as we sat on the veranda of a safari lodge smoking a sweet cigar while watching a lioness with her cubs walking into the sunset across the African Savannah. After five years in an ex-Bourbon hogshead we transferred this whisky into a 2nd fill charred red wine barrique.

Cask: Second-fill charred red wine barrique
Age: 7 years
Date distilled: October 2012
Alcohol: 62.0%
USA allocation: 84 bottles

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