Juicy, oak & vanilla

Cask No. 51.8  

Funky flowers and tropical fruits

Northern Ireland

This is no wallflower! The generous nose begins with polished old mahogany tables, orange oil, pot pourri, rum n raisin chocolate, liquorice, cherry cough sweets and rich gravy made with cranberry jelly. The taste is pleasingly unusual and ‘funky’ - intensely sweet and floral (roses) with an abundance of red fruits and some herbs. The floral and fruity theme continues when you add water – it’s fresh and vibrant with hothouse flowers (geranium), tropical fruits (melon and mango), fruity boiled sweets, herbs and wine. The sweet taste provides juicy overripe tropical fruits, vanilla syrup and herbs. Unusual but rewarding.

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 16 years
Date distilled: October 2001
Alcohol: 54.5%
USA allocation: 90 bottles

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