Cask No. 140.2

Shotgun whirligig

Texas, USA

Please limit one bottle per member

A smoky bacon lattice interwoven with strawberry laces and Worcestershire sauce. Beneath that surrealism there’s hot espresso, maple syrup, red liquorice, toasty wood spices, cinnamon dusted hot cross buns with burnt raisins, tea tree oil, lemon jam and birch beer. Water reveals fresh sourdough breads, sunflower and poppy seeds, marjoram and molten sweet butter. The mouth is full of spice-studded orange peel, cherry liqueur, cough medicine, lanolin, herbal resins, soot and chilli infused dark chocolate. A little reduction evolves things towards caraway, clove rock, lamp oil, bay leaf, black pepper and hot gun metal. There’s a leafy tobacco edge and a sense of mineral oil towards the finish as well.

Cask: First-fill barrel
Age: 4 years
Date distilled: October 2014
Alcohol: 58.9%
USA allocation: 66 bottles

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