Spicy & sweet

Cask No. 135.9  

One for the high road

Highland, Southern

A rather dazzling concoction of wet rocks, sheep wool, motor oil, tool sheds, tinned fruit syrups, hay loft and long-pocketed throat sweets greets us at first nosing. A muscular and vividly expressive example of this often-elusive make. Continues with various waxes, hessian and medical tinctures. Freshly malted barley perched by a warm coal hearth. Reduction brings out musk, a whiff of sea air, black olives, menthol and dried herbs. The palate is no less confrontational with bold flavours of cured meats, fruit syrups, gently medical peat, mineral oil and camphor. Warm spices waft upwards from the background after a few sips. Water enhances the medical aspects and brings creamy notes of brandy alexander, Eccles cakes (small cake with currants), fudge, barley sugar, lanolin and coal tar soap.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 16 years
Date distilled: April 2002
Alcohol: 56.8%
USA allocation: 60 bottles

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