Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

Cask No. 5.60  

Sweet surrender


Please limit one bottle per member

A succulent, sweet seductive aroma drew us deeper and deeper into the glass and there was no escaping the chewy fruity wine gums, Champagne truffles and coffee liqueur fudge.  The taste offered chocolate spice cake with dark chocolate ganache perfectly balanced by honey-roasted apples with Calvados. Water added orange slices in Grand Marnier on the nose and on the palate velvety sweet, rich, indulging and satisfying like a classic Peach Melba as created by French chef Escoffier in the late 1890s at the Ritz hotel. After 15 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky directly into a 1st fill Oloroso hogshead.

Cask: First-fill Oloroso hogshead
Age: 16 years
Date distilled: October 2000
Alcohol: 56.5%
USA allocation: 30 bottles

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