Juicy, oak & vanilla

Cask No. 2.101

Sumptuous high tea

Speyside, Spey

The nose is as delicate as snow melting on Cairngorm heather and as lush and floral as summer Alpine meadows. The palate is a sumptuous high tea of sweet vanilla sponge, lemon drizzle cake, candied orange dipped in dark chocolate, figs and Earl Grey tea. The reduced nose is like enjoying a vanilla ice-cream chocolate wafer in Princes Street Gardens (shrubberies, flower beds, stone monuments and a railway line hidden from view). The reduced palate is easy-drinking – restrained wood and gentle spice, strawberry tarts and vanilla slice – it’s like a cute little fairy cake is flirting with the gingerbread man.

Cask: Refill barrel
Age: 12 years
Date distilled: October 2004
Alcohol: 57.0%
USA allocation: 72 bottles

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