Cask No. GN5.3          



Quite subtle on the neat nose, we thought. All lavender, tea tree oil, bergamot and crushed nettles to begin. A peppery kiss of watercress in the background. With a little water we got the zing of sherbet, then aniseed pastis, toasted fennel, tiger balm, dill and jasmine flowers. Extremely floral overall. The palate gave that initial satisfactory hit of juniper and coriander, then charred pineapple, chamomile, rosewater and lychee. Water added a light, citric sweetness, lemon sugar, rose petals and lime blossom. In time, some menthol and eucalyptus tones emerged, especially in the aftertaste.

Cask: Second-fill barrel
Age: N/A
Date distilled: March 2020
Alcohol: 49.8%
USA allocation: 150 bottles

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