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Festival season continues as we pay homage to the jewel of the Kintyre Peninsula - Campbeltown! Let’s get the party started and take our liquid journey to this enchanting harbor village in the Southwest of Scotland. Please welcome our celebratory release - Cask 93.153 Unusually Unique! Our eleven-year-old cask captures the essence of this very special place, seducing the senses with irresistible oily & coastal maritime charm as only Campbeltown can. The peninsula was once home to over thirty distilleries, claiming the title “whisky capital of the world”. Today, just three distilleries remain but continue to fascinate whisky lovers around the world with their depth and nuance of aroma and flavour. If you have yet to explore the malts of Kintyre, we envy your discovery! Our celebratory bottling, whose label was created by British designer Michael A. Hall, will serve as a brilliant place to start if you are new to the coastal whisky world. If you are already a lover of the coastal style, Cask 93.153 is a vibrant example that offers unusually unique depth and complexity suited for a memorable toast to Campbeltown! Society directors Tom Smith and Ben Diedrich sat down earlier today to taste Cask 93.153…. click here to check out their thoughts on this exceptional dram!

Since this celebratory bottling is a US exclusive cask from a very popular distillery, we anticipate extremely high interest among Society members. To ensure you have a fair opportunity to order a bottle yourself, Cask 93.153 is available via lottery drawing only. Entries must be completed by Monday, May 17th at 12:00PM ET. Winning member names will be drawn at that time. They will be contacted shortly thereafter and will have 48 hours to purchase their bottle. To enter the lottery drawing, please click the link below. Good luck!

93.153 Unusually unique

Cask No. 93.153

Title: Unusually unique

Tasting Note: Vivid seaside memories envisioned candyfloss and seafood broth with sweet vanilla, motor oil and clean wool. The palate was abundant with the creamy notes of soft cheese mixed with candied pineapple and Turkish delight as honey glazed hazelnuts dipped in salt joined heather honey and medicinal suggestions. With water the creaminess turned to clotted cream served with sea buckthorn and waxed lemons. Floral flavours embraced heather and lavender with coconut and coriander seeds while heavier notes of liquorice and coffee grounds combined with light tobacco. Finally a little ginger warmth lasted onto a finish of mussels cooked in a sun lotion sauce and sprinkled with white pepper.

Age: 11 years

Date distilled: September 2009

ABV: 57.3%

Region: Campbeltown

Barrel: First-fill barrel

Outturn: 194 bottles

US Allocation: 194 bottles

Price: $145




The entry period for the 93.153 lottery is now closed. We will be contacting all winners after 1pm on May 17th, and will email all members who entered when the drawing is officially completed. Please allow us up to a week to make all the selections. Feel free to email or give us a call at 646-844-1154 if you have any questions!