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Spring Seasonal Selection Lottery

The Seasonal Selection Series starts now! Spring has squarely sprung, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the very first exclusive cask of our new collectors’ series! With each turn of the season, American members of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society may look forward to a pitch perfect cask chosen specifically for that time of year. From pairing with seasonal fare to pouring for special occasions, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter will bear a special cask exclusive only to our American members. The freshness of springtime sets the stage for a beautiful malt brimming with seasonal character – Cask No. 4.283 Selkies, Kelpies and Peat Reek! As with our recent exclusive casks, the process for choosing this special cask was a comprehensive one. With thousands of casks maturing in the Society’s warehouse in Scotland, dozens were considered and tasted to ensure that this selection would represent our commitment to not only bottling the very best single malt whisky in the world, but also offering an exceptional whisky our US members could truly appreciate throughout the season.

Situated on the northernmost whisky-producing island in Scotland, Distillery #4 is known for using locally cut peat mixed with heather to produce a robust and earthy spirit with a thin veil of smoke. There is a gentler style of smokiness produced here that has become a gateway for many whisky lovers who are intrigued by peat smoke but not yet ready to tackle the bold and aggressive style of whisky produced by distillers further south. The coastal influence in each cask adds yet another layer of complexity to the malts produced here. Many connoisseurs consider the malts of Distillery #4 to be the most well-rounded in the world and Cask No. 4.283 is definitely among them!

Due to the expected high popularity of this release, Cask No. 4.283 will not be available for ordering today. Instead, we invite interested members to enter the raffle below for a chance to order Cask No. 4.283. Entries must be completed by Monday April 18th at 1pm ET. Winning member names will be drawn at that time. They will be contacted shortly thereafter and will have 48 hours to order their bottle (until Wednesday 4/20).

Slàinte mhath!

Cask No. 4.283

Title: Cask No. 4.283 Selkies, Kelpies, and Peat Reek

Tasting Note: This was immediately classical, vital and full of Orcadian character. Heathery richness, oiliness, coastal zing, lightly chalky qualities and lots of distant trails of herbal peat smoke. With water we got beach sand, metal polish, toasted cereals, sandalwood and camphor. The palate was very much in keeping with the nose; abundant and immediate distillery character. Soft tarry notes, white pepper, oily peat, wee touches of seawater and things like mineral salts and olive oil. Reduction brought a perfect harmony of Orkney peat along with waxes, citrus rinds, natural tar, green pepper and medical embrocation. In 2017 we combined selected hogsheads before returning the single malt to a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casks.

Age: 13 years

Date distilled: January 2008

ABV: 58.4%

Region: Highland Island

Barrel: First-fill barrel

Outturn: 237 bottles

US Allocation: 237 bottles

Price: $145



The entry period for Cask No. 4.283 Lottery is now closed. Thank you for your participation!