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SPECIAL LOTTERY RELEASE Cask No. 130.5 Harmonious as a barbershop quartet

Are you ready for an exotic treasure just in time for Spring?! It is with much anticipation and excitement that we announce the release of a rare gem from across the Pacific! Japan’s notoriety has seen a marked increase in the whisky world over the last decade, but this country has been crafting exquisite malt for nearly a century. The meteoric rise of Japanese whisky has made it harder to find top malts from quality producers, making Cask No. 130.5 Harmonious as a barbershop quartet an especially rare treat for members of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. This barrel’s contents are at once pristine and powerful, offering supreme complexity in an awesome display of sweet and savoury notes on the impressively textured delivery. The distillery is known for crafting whisky in microscopic quantities with the utmost care. Its following borders on fanatical and speaks to the tremendous quality of spirit that is offered from Distillery 130.

Due to the expected high popularity of this release, Cask No. 130.5 will not be available for ordering today. Instead, we invite interested members to enter the raffle below for a chance to order Cask No. 130.5.Entries must be completed by Monday March 14th at 1pm EST. Winning member names will be drawn at that time. They will be contacted shortly thereafter and will have 48 hours to order their bottle (until Wednesday 3/16).


130.5 Harmonious as a barbershop quartet

Cask No. 130.5

Title: Cask No. 130.5 Harmonious as a barbershop quartet

Tasting Note: Harmonious as a barbershop quartet – the nose combined savoury (soy, nori, red bean paste) with sweet (mocha, Demerara, honey) and woody spice (cinnamon, cigar box, polished oak). The palate also held sweet-savoury harmonies – maple pancakes, Christmas pudding and treacle tart; grilled yakitori and octopus okonomiyaki with sweet glaze (but with more spice) mulled wine, ginger, clove, Victory V’s, liquorice. The reduced nose seemed fruitier – tangerine, home-made lemonade and Anton Berg chocolate marzipan with plum. The palate’s complexity sent panellists off in different directions – e.g. American cream soda, brandy snaps and orange blossom. After three years in first-fill bourbon wood this was transferred into an Imperial stout cask.

Age: 9 years

Date distilled: April 2011

ABV: 58.8%

Region: Japan

Barrel: First-fill Imperial stout barrel

Outturn: 208 bottles

US Allocation: 42 bottles

Price: $400



Entry for 130.5 Lottery is now closed, thank you for your participation!