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Hidden Gems of August – Jenna's Picks

At The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, we are on a passionate pursuit of the world’s most unique casks of whisky. Oftentimes the casks that turn out to be the most memorable happen to be the most unexpected. Here are three (3) Hidden Gems selected by Jenna Elie to consider for your home collection this month:

Cask No. 46.120 A Dark and Tropical Path

Sure, an 11 year Speyside in a first-fill ex-bourbon barrel may not seem too intriguing on paper, but this is the true magic of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, as it is a masterpiece in the glass! Cask 46.120 A Dark and Tropical Path reminds me of eating a fresh tropical fruit tart with a dark chocolate drizzle in a damp pine forest! Big notes of almonds, chocolate and fruit on the nose, with rich and viscous notes of figs sauteed in butter on the palate. A big, bold whisky that easily reminds you to not judge a book (or whisky in this case!) by its cover!

Cask No. 100.32 Aged Goodies

The beloved Deep Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile has gifted us some truly stunning whiskies this year, and I am thrilled to add Cask No. 100.32 Aged Goodies to that list! After 8 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred it to a 1st fill Oloroso hogshead and it has delivered deep notes of brown sugar covered pecans, dipped in soy sauce. You find some leather and stewed red fruits lingering as well. The palate is bright and punchy with honey nut cream and a mild balsamic finish, which makes this aged goodie a real treat!

Cask No. 93.174 Fortune Favors the Brave!

Distillery 93 comes in many profiles from Oily & Coastal to both Lightly and Heavily Peated as well as Peated, like in Cask No 93.174 Fortune Favors the Brave! What I love about this particular cask is that the nose is like a peated olive juice that's been soaking a block of smoked feta cheese! The nose alone makes my mouth water, and then the palate comes in full of soot, smoke, industrial engine oils and honey sweetness followed by briney ocean air! If you are a fan of those chewy, super sooty industrial Islay whiskies then this 8 year Campbeltown gem is for you!

Slàinte mhath!
Ben Diedrich