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Hidden Gems: November 2021

For Society members in pursuit of exceptional whisky, November has been a knockout! This month we’ve been treated to a plethora of spectacular casks unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. A zesty, coastal cask from the Northern Highlands, a savory, sherry bomb explosion from Speyside and rare cask of pure liquid smoke from the Isle of Mull are just a few highlights of the flavour experiences to be had this month. 

With so many to choose from this month, where should you even start? Here are three (3) hidden gems available today:

Cask 52.40 Sweet and zesty sea air
What an enigma this one is! Cask 52.40 Sweet and zesty sea air is a bright and uplifting spirit from the Northern Highland region of Scotland. Situated off the Eastern coast, whisky matured in this region will often draw influence from the nearby sea. At 7 years old, it offers a spirit-driven profile of breakfast cereal, barley sugars, and toffee apples but with a subtle hint of sea salt and ceviche. It’s a fun and rewarding whisky that I seem to enjoy more and more with each dram. 

Cask 19.52 Firm and classical
It’s been over five years since a cask from Distillery 19 has reached our shores and what a return it is! Cask 19.52 Firm and classical is a deep and complex spirit boasting intoxicating notes of stone fruits, honey and mossy bark. It’s an 18-year-old whisky that evokes the character of a spirit much older. If you enjoy the more delicate and nuanced flavours of an old Highland whisky matured in American oak, this checks all the right boxes. 

Cask 42.63 Thirst aid kit
Not for the faint of heart! Cask 42.63 is a peated cask originating from the Isle of Mull. It’s a full-blown smoke show very similar to what you might find on Islay. With this cask, however, the brine and iodine characteristics so commonly found in island whisky has been turned down, allowing more smoke, ash and barley flavours to surface. If you need something to keep you warm this winter and don’t want to shell out the cash for a trendy down jacket, this will do just fine.

Slàinte mhath!
Ben Diedrich